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DNA: More than one percent of Scottish men are direct descendants of the Saharan Berber and Tuareg tribes?

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In “Scottish DNA Unexpectedly Diverse” (The Scientist, April 18, 2012), Bob Grant reports,

Scotland contains an unexpected amount of human genetic diversity, according to a new study of the country’s inhabitants. The project, called “Scotland’s DNA,” found 150 different genetic lines of female ancestry from Europe, Asia, and Africa and 100 different groups of male ancestry from Europe and beyond. For example, more than one percent of Scottish men are direct descendants of the Saharan Berber and Tuareg tribes, which belong to a lineage that researchers have determined to be about 5,600 years old.

Hey, we coulda called that one. McLatchie, Noble, you listening?

Yet the Scots manage to be culturally distinctive, as anyone who has lived through Robbie Burns Day in small-town Canada will know. Haggis!!  😥  Guys who should stick to trousers!!  😥 😥 People who can’t really play the bagpipes, but insist … !!    😥 😥  😥 😥

Actually, we love it; we just don’t love admitting it.

The Irish are next up for the gene map, and one thing the findings surely won’t do is explain the St. Patrick’s Day madness. Though history and culture might …

Which is why all that looneyism about race that got Derbyshire and Weissberg fired by their editor is an utter, sad waste of time.

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On my own blog, the spambots outnumber the men and gods by hundreds to one. Sigh. Perhaps they are the real source of design in nature. We'd never know because we screen them out of the discussion. No, that can't be right... Jon Garvey
We don't discourage extraterrestrials, Jon Garvey, but our guy probably didn't write the app schtick. It means "not spambot." Although our human/ET/other intelligence visitors greatly outnumber bots/threats, it's amazing how many of the latter there are. News
Silly “verify that you’re human” tests. Hmmm - funny statement for an ID site isn't it? Answering correctly only shows that you're an intelligent agent, unspecified. Jon Garvey
And no true Scotsman would ... ;) News
I am 100% human!!! Enezio E. De Almeida Filho
I think theres something suspicious about these genetic trail things. Its unlikely Scots are that diverse. Yes a few guys back in the day could make genetic diversity on some dna points but its not telling the tale. In fact Scots are probably quite pure relative to the areas they live in. I am suspicious the these genetic things have other motives, like global warmingolics, to unite mankind. Got a hunch its a lot of bunk. if genetics is flexible then it might not be a trail. For example i'm sure marsupial wolves are just regular wolves with pouches yet the genetics don't show this and instead show marsupials as being related. Yet they are not and therefore the genetics is flexible or rather just showing a parts department and mixing it all up. Its all presumption that genetics is a trail of biological heritage. Robert Byers
If 4 - four = 0 Why isn't 6 x three = 18? Silly "verify that you're human" tests. Mung
And 1% of a Scottish man is true Scottish. Mung

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