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Darwinian racism: The other writer who just got dumped from National Review

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In “With Concerns about Darwinist Racialism in Mind, National Review Cleans House” (Evolution News & Views, April 18, 2012), David Klinghoffer reflects on the “other” writer recently dumped by editor Rich Lowry from National Review, Robert Weissberg.

We had covered John Derbyshire, an ID opponent who embraced Darwinian racism (here and here,) and now Klinghoffer sheds light on the Weissberg exit:

I’ve just taken a moment to catch up a bit with some of his foul associations, as Rich Lowry presumably did before deciding, rightly, to call it quits with him. I only bring this up here because the event that got Weissberg canned was heavy with evolutionary, Darwinian and eugenic themes, sponsored by a group with similar interests.

It was a conference held by a white racialist group, American Renaissance, last month in Tennessee. You can click on this link and see some of the participants. As Rich noted, Weissberg had turned up at the meeting to discuss strategies for successfully “repackaging” white nationalism. Needless to say, once someone has descended to such garbage, you can’t have him around anymore. More.

Basically, Darwinism is implicit in racism today. The Darwinian theory of how species separate into different daughter species must apply to humans – because the Darwinist considers humans to be animals like any other, with no special purpose or destiny.

Most Darwinists avoid recognizing this implication of their heartfelt belief. Thus, you can take the racist out of the Darwinist, but you can’t take the Darwinist out of the racist. Of course, you can usher the racist out of the lineup, which editor Lowry did.

See also: Berlinski versus Derbyshire and Derbyshire reviews (and seems to have read) Berlinski 

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It is so true that if evolution is the origin of human intelligence/morality and there was original or later important segregation of the human race then its logical to conclude or as a option that there is biological differences between the human races. Ape to man suggest it and science fiction suggests bigger brains is the future and so segregation of races etc could bring segregated growth rates of brains. Evolutionism is stuck in this reasoning. Darwin denied racial intellectual/moral differences although he did insist women were inferior to men biologically in intellect at least. In reality man is made in the image of gOd and think like mini Gods and our thinking/brains are unrelated to the natural world. We are spirits like God and our thinking likewise. I don't agree there is any such human concept as racism. tHis is just a word to discredit ideas/conclusions people don't like. if people think this or that race is inferior or superior its morally okay and not a evil thing. Only if actions based on these beliefs that overthrow rights and general kindness of humans discredits anything. Its fair and square to think whatever one thinks. There must be no punishment. Its not important. Its morally right to defend ones people or race if that is the identity from trespass from other races. I certainly agree there is too much immigration and especially from third world countries who are most unlike my people or even European immigrants. one has the right to decide who gets ones country and to judge all peoples by any standard one chooses. Its not racial even if its about different peoples and races. The links here make the same mistake that is made by the use of 'isms to discredit historic , common, and fair(even if wrong) opinions about the intellect, morality, desirability, of very different peoples from one self who are living amongst you or trying too. Creationism can use evolutionism errors about race/sex to discredit it but not discredit nationalism or identityism referencing race or identity. It is a great gift for one people to allow another people within its ones home. its not a moral obligation. Any reason to reject immigrants based on identity or race or religion or anything is the most morally right thing nations can do. Robert Byers

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