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Neuro theories make law world crazier still


com.linkedin.stickers.coffee_06.png On how to calm down a client, from Lawyers Weekly:

 Meet in a quiet room with pictures of nature or wildlife on the walls. This reduces the effect of the stress hormone cortisol. Apart from anything else the cortisol mitigation will ensure the client is less likely to have a heart attack on your premises!

Offer refreshment – including food – to the client. This encourages the production and uptake of two vital anti-stress neurochemicals glutamate and oxytocin. More.

Canada lynx by Michael Zahra.jpg
lynx/Michael Zahra

Pictures of nature? Ever anxious to help, we recommend this picture from nature, free with the biscuits and coffee. You did notice the hippie beads around the bobcat’s neck, didn’t you? Yes, they’re there! You just aren’t looking hard enough.

Fast backward to the Stone Age! At least back then people knew the Engineer’s Creed: Mother Nature is a bitch.

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Fun: [Note: The emissaries of peace from nature below are North American mountain lions, not bobcats. ]


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