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Is Bitcoin Safe? Why the human side of security is critical

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From Jonathan Bartlett at Mind Matters Today:

Bitcoin solves a lot of tough problems in very ingenious ways. Unfortunately, however, those benefits don’t tend to translate well for end users, who are not nearly as ingenious as the people developing the system. More.

Readers will recognize Johnny Bartlett Jonathan Bartlett, Research and Education Director of the Blyth Institute, as a longtime author here.

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Bitcoin is not meant to be any of the things that its cultists claim. It demonstrably and obviously fails to perform ALL of those supposed tasks. Bitcoin is simply a sting to pull criminal and heretical transactions away from untraceable cash and into the inner circle of NSA monitoring. That's all. It's like the FBI's standard technique of organizing "radical" or "terrorist" groups that pull in alienated youngsters, then plan their "terrorist" acts so FBI can "catch" them just before they "commit" the acts. polistra

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