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Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be IDs …

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Bio_Symposium_033.jpgIn an effort to discredit a group hosting climate change skeptics, along with the skeptics themselves, the The Guardian‘s Leo Haig, an environment blogger charges,

That these characters are meeting up once again to thrash out these issues is no great revelation or surprise. After all, they wear their agenda with pride and promulgate it in the media and on the internet week in week out.What is more surprising, perhaps, is that some of them are happy to accept the invitation of an organisation that has promoted intelligent design and seems to tread a very fine line indeed between fighting “Islamic fascism” and outright Islamophobia. Are these speakers happy – or even aware – of the company they will be keeping this weekend? Is it fair to assume they did their homework on this group before accepting their invitation to be flown to LA to participate in the event? (10 June 2011)

Promoted intelligent design? Maybe so, if you consider that one of the current topics is “The Assault on Human Exceptionalism” (= homeowners and rabid raccoons have equal rights, as far as the bureaucracy is concerned). It is hard to imagine anyone who thinks there is design to life espousing the animal rights agenda.

While we are here: Islamophobia? All my stars and Betty Apple! No one is more concerned about the rise of Islamism than intelligent traditional Muslims. In an unimportant jurisdiction in Canada, Muslim women defeated it. They’d thank anyone who helped, not everyone who presumes to speak for them.

Good luck to the conference, and may they consider ID and any fact-based information in peace. Not easy these days.

Tune for post title. New lyrics needed for our community?

Hat tip: Pos-Darwinista

Denyse I am sure it is true that many intelligent traditional Muslims are concerned about the rise of radical Islam. However, the likes of Robert Spencer go way beyond this. You are expressing support for people who are stoking anti-Muslim feeling in general under the banner of resisting a global Jihad. The guy even expressed support for the English Defence League - a gang of xenophobic thugs. markf

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