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Reason Rally featured an under-reported low turnout?

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Only “several thousand” people.

In “Atheists Darken D.C.” (Townhall, March 28, 2012), Brent Bozell remarks on last weekend’s Reason Rally,

It’s interesting that our secular, religion-mocking media mostly skipped over this rally as one steps around a ranting homeless person. The networks were missing, as were the Associated Press, The New York Times and others. Perhaps they didn’t think an atheist protest this explicit was worth getting behind. Their kind of secular, religion-mocking rally was 2010’s Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.”

The pre-rally publicity was too ridiculous to believe. At National Public Radio — yes, they are interested — Barbara Bradley Hagerty explained the rally was “not to tweak the faithful. It’s to encourage closeted atheists to take heart.” How NPR-thoughtful. Atheist blogger Hemant Mehta complained, “Every time you hear the word atheist in the media, you know, there’s always an adjective before it. It’s always angry atheist, militant atheist, staunch atheist. It’s never happy, smiling atheist.” There are also dumb atheists who don’t know “happy” is also an adjective.

Could it be that organized atheism is as fatuous boring as a lot of organized religion? Shocka.

On Saturday morning, as the rain began to pour on the atheists, NPR weekend anchor Scott Simon added more blather from his DC studio: “Rally organizers say they don’t want to mock religion. A lot of nonbelievers I know and hear from are eager for atheists to be seen as more than just scolds who point out absurdities and inconsistencies in religion or the kind of grumps who file lawsuits against shopping-mall Santa Clauses.”

The problem is, they usually are the kind of grumps who file lawsuits against shopping-mall Santa Clauses. Heck, they’re the kind of people who would file lawsuits against the Salvation Army, the very people who take them in if they were ever homeless, ranting. …

Presumably because they haven’t anything better to do.

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I was there. My guestimate is 10,000. The emcee announced that the crowd was the same size as Glenn Becks attendees rally. The only reason he could say this is that no one in the crowd attended the Glenn Beck rally. bevets
It's pretty bad when even the secular media thinks your rally is lame. ;-) Blue_Savannah
If I was national media, I would have stayed away from the so-called Reason Rally too. The world's most outspoken (but as yet undebated with W.L. Craig) Dawkin's opened his speech with an argument FOR design, the extremely fine tuned visible light range within the entire eltromagnetic spectrum. Bantay
I once engaged Hemant Mehta in an online conversation and trust me he wasn't so friendly. KRock

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