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If Odd Arrangements and Funny Solutions are the Proof of Evolution, Then What About These Optimized Designs?

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You’ve heard all those evolutionary arguments about how nature’s sloppy, repetitive, inefficient and downright evil designs prove evolution. Then what about the many optimized designs in biology, such as those in this New York Times article, suggested by a friend, such as our eye’s ability to detect even a single photon:  Read more

Random can be sloppy, too, if it tries really hard. (It can't be inefficient, because 'random' and 'efficient' categorically clash). And I think the least we can do is to look the other way and pretend we didn't notice it, if random repeats itself. As for 'downright evil', Mrs Random aka Mother Nature, can no more sin than Richie, even when he's being naughty, since he is "random unintelligibility made flesh", nay, "gibberish made flesh..." Axel

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