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Species-ism: Saving a lobster because “all life matters”


A restaurant owner decided not to boil a rare golden lobster.

From Kirschner’s Korner (“Let’s make the world a more humane place”):

What do decisions like this tell us about the human race? Even though people will often teach children not to judge others based on their religion, appearance, sexual orientation, race, or other distinguishing factors, these rules don’t apply to animals. This thought process is known as speciesism.

Sending a yellow lobster to an aquarium while killing the rest isn’t praiseworthy except in a society that fails to grasp the concept that all animals matter equally. More.

Here’s how to blow off most people who talk this way. Ask him what he thinks of this, Methods of abortion

Obvious human beings, it turns out, are free for the killing. Not lobsters, so much.

No life matters to a progressive except that which he happens to wish to consume by some method other than eating it. It’s just his nature. Due to evolution.

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