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What? High fat diets reverse obesity, heart disease risk?


Ceramic <em>Butter</em> Dish in Red From University of Bergen:

A new Norwegian diet intervention study (FATFUNC), performed by researchers at the KG Jebsen center for diabetes research at the University of Bergen, raises questions regarding the validity of a diet hypothesis that has dominated for more than half a century: that dietary fat and particularly saturated fat is unhealthy for most people.

The researchers found strikingly similar health effects of diets based on either lowly processed carbohydrates or fats. In the randomized controlled trial, 38 men with abdominal obesity followed a dietary pattern high in either carbohydrates or fat, of which about half was saturated. Fat mass in the abdominal region, liver and heart was measured with accurate analyses, along with a number of key risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

“The very high intake of total and saturated fat did not increase the calculated risk of cardiovascular diseases,” says professor and cardiologist Ottar Nygård who contributed to the study.

“Participants on the very-high-fat diet also had substantial improvements in several important cardiometabolic risk factors, such as ectopic fat storage, blood pressure, blood lipids (triglycerides), insulin and blood sugar.” More.

Replication is needed for sure.

That said, health issues attract well-meaning people. We want to stay healthy, so we want to believe that their zeal is proportional to their evidence, But it is becoming obvious that, in key areas, it just isn’t. Or not necessarily.

<em>Coffee</em> Tins We should be glad. False certainty is much worse than uncertainty. It precludes or blocks a search for more correct information. Uncertainty urges us to keep trying.

One wonders, will epigenetics transform the way we look at nutrition? What if nutritional advice should always address individuals with specific histories? Such a change would transform a discipline currently dominated by mass exhortations to avoid salt or fats, or skim milk, most of which may be irrelevant to an individual’s health.

See also: The skinny on salt, veggie oil, skim milk, and whole foods: Nutrition science is nearly baseless but it rules.

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This is nothing new in this story to me... Having researched the subject thoroughly for a while now. It has been a well known fact, more so now, that "fat" with the exception of processed, hydrogenated fat like margarine, is not the cause of all the diseases that we were all brainwashed to believe they caused. Scientists knew that Inuits, African Masai and many tribes and national groups that consumed high fat, high protein diet had no heart disease, no diabetes and no obesity. But, here is the what happened. When sugar was introduced to those people, especially corn syrup (I will tell you why another time), that's when most of the health problems began. Anybody would like to find out who is behind it (the introduction of corn syrup) and why? J-Mac
Ummm...even ID theorists are not proposing we designed ourselves. If we were designed then we are behaving the way we were designed to behave. If we've gone wrong somehow then it was the designer who screwed up, not us. Seversky
Had we stayed in Eden none of that would have been an issue. But we chose to do things according to Sinatra's famous song 'My way' and here we are. Blame it on us! Dionisio

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