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A friend wrote News desk to ask about “human biodiversity”


Yeah, we’ve heard the term kicked around as early as 2011. Back then it was supposed to be some kind of slam dunk answer to liberalism’s wasteful social programs. We first heard the term liberal creationist recently, in this very context of defending “human biodiversity”, so that part at least fits.

Here’s what I replied:

“Human biodiversity” is the PC version of racism, protected by its patron saint “evolution”.

Even the New York Times might go for this version. Wade was one of their writers until recently.

The Kleagle said all this a century ago but he was an ignorant man so he put it differently.

Meanwhile, here’s Andrew Sullivan on the subject:

Nicholas Wade’s new book on race and genetics, which takes the biological basis of race as a given, provides no consistent definition for “race.” During his debate with Wade, anthropologist Agustín Fuentes pointed out that “Wade uses cluster, population, group, race, sub-race, ethnicity in a range of ways with few concrete definitions, and occasionally interchangeably throughout the book.” More.

Oh, not to worry, Andrew. How many definitions of “species” are there? Twenty-six? And no one cares. Fuentes obviously thinks this is about genetics, not politics, but it is clearly about politics.

See also: More on NYT science writer’s book, defending Darwinian racism

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Cosmos is a propaganda piece by the state religion. That's why it's boring. Mapou
I don't agree its about politics. Thats denying common beliefs that all men are created equal..There is no innate genetic difference between races/sexes/individuals. This is the Christian belief and the historic nOrth american belief. Its unreasonable to see genetics for a million reasons. The left wing might be without credibility but that doesn't prove genes equals smarts. When irish catholics came to nOth america they were and people said they were less intelligent then almost every northern european. however , a little slow, but a century later here they were almost equal to us in smarts and later just equal or just us. Yes identity matters but thats all within free will. This great this wade came along for creationism and maybe the great issue of who deserves and should get what in the world based on identity. Everybody seems too smell its all not working from a simple equal humanity thing. Something else is going on but i insist its not genes. Robert Byers
Don't worry. Even if there is an evolutionary explanation to racism (at least the initial emotional response to meeting someone who looks different), surly Free Will will counter it. I don't understand the gut hatred that creationists and IDists have with the concept that racism might be driven by evolution. DNA has never been a blueprint. It is not difficult to see how a fear of people who are different might be adaptive. But we also evolved mental capabilities that allow us to move past this. Only those who refuse to use these evolved capabilities can be racist. Acartia_bogart
Which definition(s) of species do Steven Meyer, William Dembski, and Michael Behe use in their work? rhampton7

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