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California Science Center, Darwin, and the real world of insurance

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Not much to be said about Science’s take on the California Science Center paying out $110,000 to American Freedom Alliance, for refusing to show the Cambrian explosion film, as agreed.

Except for one thing: As always, we hear

According to CSC’s press release, the $110,000 settlement is covered by an insurer.

Insiders say the insurer will really only cover $100, 000, but that’s hardly the point.

The collective sigh of relief from Darwinists everywhere displays a lack of understanding of how the real world of insurance works. It’s a rare planet on which you can get into a needless squabble due to scuffing your obligations, stick your insurer with the bill, and not expect to see your rates go up.

The alternative is that all the other policyholders pay for Darwin’s Great Adventures in Litigation. Well, in California, maybe. But then again, maybe not.

The CSC would likely have been better off to pay it themselves. The insurers must not only recover the money but must get back their own business expenses from settling the claim. It would have been cheaper in house at CSC.

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