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Can the zombie icons of evolution get standing in court to sue Texas?

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<em>Teapot</em> Cobalt Blue From board member Barbara Cargill via Evolution News & Views:

On Friday, April 21, the State Board of Education voted on the final language for the streamlined TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). Some news reports have given erroneous information about the revised standards. The streamlined TEKS in biology continue to call for critical thinking in the study of theories such as evolution. They specifically call for students to “analyze and evaluate” the evidence for common ancestry and Darwinian natural selection. They further call for students to “compare and contrast scientific explanations for cellular complexity.” And they call on students to “examine scientific explanations of abrupt appearance and stasis in the fossil record” and “examine scientific explanations for the origin of DNA.” I want to be perfectly clear about the board’s decision to use the word “examine” in the revised standards. The definition of the word “examine” is “to inspect something in detail to determine its nature or condition; to investigate thoroughly.” Synonyms include “scrutinize, investigate, probe, appraise, analyze, review, evaluate, and survey.” It is obvious that the intent is for students to apply these critical thinking skills to the various scientific theories about the origin of life. … More.

Just because the icons are zombies discredited two decades’ ago, does that mean they don’t have rights?

Background: The zombie science market is on the skids, so it is natural for some people to want to rescue the zombies, especially in a rough place like Texas.

If you decide to jump in to help the zombies, keep in mind that the genome mappers, not the creationists, did that to the Darwin-in-the-schools lobby.

We mention this in case readers go nearly deaf listening to lobbyists scream into the remnants of traditional media about the End of Science.

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