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Coffee!! Hitherto unknown proud ignoramus rushes to Darwin’s defense


Escapes trampling by troll competitors – Tells reporters: “Real thinkers don’t read books”

Here, at Amazon, the indispensable Nature of Nature (a compendium of the pro- and anti-ID writings of many of the world’s best champions on either side), has attracted a “review” by one, Colonel Zen, who allows us to know that he actually has not read the book.

Well, I haven’t read this … and at their vanity press price am unlikely to, but I’d take bets.

I say “review”, not review because if the Colonel has not read the book, it is not a review, by definition.

If you would like to go to the linked site and join the commenters by pointing out that fact, please do. Amazon could use your help in spotting these people and helping them find other uses of their time.

And, as it happens, I know of a job for him: He would be an ideal prof for “Misshelver” and her “man”: Darwinists who misshelve ID theorists’ books in bookstores, to avoid “misleading” the public. (No, I am not making that up. Go here for her and here for him.) They should all get along great, as he doesn’t read books and they don’t let others do so.

(Note: To see the “review”, go soon. It could get pulled, due to the frank admission that he hasn’t read the book. Amazon is, after all, in business to sell books, not to host diatribes from people who don’t read.)

Cannuckian Yankee, salut! I am indeed happy to hear that. Finding the review helpful would amount to saying that "I prefer to be guided in my choice of books by people who haven't read them." Look, the worst that traditional censors did was that they read the book and decided that you shouldn't, and therefore made it unavailable. That's a bad where adults are concerned, but it pales by comparison to "I haven't read the book but condemn it anyway, due to my inner whatsits." A person who is satisfied with that is not worthy of representative government, a growing issue in these times. O'Leary
Denys, You'll be happy to learn that at last count a staggering 2 of 43 customers found the 'review' helpful. CannuckianYankee
I haven't read anything at all in the above thread, but I must say, I hate this thread. :l CannuckianYankee
Look for kate's review btw ;) 5 stars "I see we have a new definition of review. One may critique a book they have never read. In that case, I'm in. Didn't read it but, my oh my, what an excellent book. I suspect it really is, based on the reviews by the first two reviewers. It seems they actually read the book. I think I will too!" TheForthcoming
Thanks for posting this Denyse. This person is indeed very ignorant and biased. As a regular customer on Amazon I will press no on "was this review helpful" button. TheForthcoming
Well, I think he's already shut up. He replied to my initial comment and hasn't offered anything more since. Good enough for me... wombatty
Fact is, he needn't BE shy. Millions of trolls, commanded by tax burdens, applaud his ignorance. Too bad a lot of them are teaching you, your kids, or your grandkids. Take heart. Constructive revolutions are the ones that really do begin from below. Let's shame him into buying and reading the book, or just shutting up, or being shown up for a fool in a bulb nose and puff pants with big blotches. O'Leary
Good catch Denyse. I saw his review when I attempted to purchase the book from Amazon and couldn't resist slapping him around a little. The good Colonel is not shy about putting his ignorance on parade, is he? wombatty

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