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Coffee!!: The Darwinist broods over his Angry Man Dinner

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And tells us a bit

Explaining the history and diversity of life is simply not an issue of great concern to most people except as a marker of belief system. On that score, many “evolution believers” have knowledge that is just as shallow as creationists. They simply nod and smile in response to different cues. Professing a belief in evolution or creation is a not-so-secret handshake that signals membership in a loose clan. That’s why the press is so insistent that presidential candidates take some position on the issue; it marks them like a scarlet letter.

before freaking out:

But many [creationists] are well practiced in the art of debate and will not easily play into your hands. They will have taken your measure and they know the ground well. The stakes are higher for the creationist, souls hanging in the balance. Wrestling with skunks, you’d be a fool to think you’ll keep the stink off.

It couldn’t, of course, have anything to do with the fact base not supporting his claims.

Hawks goes on to advocate that “trained students of science” develop an effective two-minute sales pitch for (let me guess) Darwinian evolution. Hmmm, that might work. On the other hand, going back to the lab and looking at the problems honestly might work better in the long run.

Oh but wait. Freaking out works best.

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