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Darwin’s naturalist catechism


Indoctrination provided painlessly through media and schools:

From Salvo:

Just as a fish doesn’t “notice” water unless the creek dries up, we often do not notice the catechism underlying the news stories, which forestalls our asking critical questions. Consider the story from late last summer that announced that chimpanzees and monkeys “have entered” the Stone Age (BBC News, August 18, 2015).

The basis of the claim is that primates smash things with stones, even choosing the stones best suited to the task at hand. But then, so do some birds.

No matter. Because we are the 98%-99% chimpanzee, there is a sure and certain hope that chimpanzees are entering the Stone Age.

Evidence? No evidence would change anything anyway.

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One of the things that I think is regularly overlooked is that Neanderthals, our cousins if not ourselves, were in Siberia as much as 600,000 years ago. This makes the "arrival" of "modern" humans in the Mid East 60,000 years ago a rather insignificant event. Humans had clearly been traipsing all over the Africa-Asia-Europe super-continent for half a million years before that. And then there is the question of how Neanderthals can SUDDENLY appear in the FAR north without ANY intermediate African sub-species. After all, Neanderthals are more culturally advanced than Homo Erectus, unless of course we are all really just the current generation of Homo Erectus. So, I'm going with the Theory that Neanderthals were a selective breeding experiment by the NFL to produce superior Offensive Linemen and The Ultimate Running Back. And the experiment was fully successful right up until the Ice Age showed up and ruined the highly profitable Post-Season. mahuna

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