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Dave Coppedge case spotlights Darwin Guild’s “inquisitorial services”

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At Evolution News & Views (March 6, 2012), David Klinghoffer explains why the David Coppedge case matters (guy who runs Creation-Evolution Headlines was fired from JPL for giving out pro-ID vids to interested fellow employees at work):

The reason that courts and testimony are important is that they add tangible evidence of a phenomenon that otherwise tries to keep a relatively low profile. The Darwin Guild doesn’t advertise its inquisitorial services, though that doesn’t make it any less effective in maintaining the illusion of a “consensus” on evolution. Each Sternberg affair, each Gaskell case, each Coppedge trial is like a tile in a mosaic. Considered by itself, it might not tell you very much. But as each tile is added, the picture of how a culture of intimidation actually works gradually emerges, in greater clarity and enhanced vividness.

Most folks in scientific fields, faced with the fear that Darwinists seek to instill, keep quiet about their Darwin doubts. They know where the land mines are buried and so successfully avoid them by staying silent. Then you get a fellow like Coppedge who, for whatever reason, never got the memo and didn’t realize the danger in merely sharing a few pro-ID DVDs till he already fell under the threatening shadow of a Human Resources investigation. Before he knew it, he was out of a job.

Someday, enough tiles will have accumulated that any fair-minded person will see the image, without ambiguity. For the Darwin Guild, which needs the public to think that scientists are actually free to reach any conclusion on evolution, that will be an unmitigated disaster.

From the Darwin lobby’s point of view, the more arbitrary and irrational the proceedings are, the more other voices fall silent and the more their power increases. Some of their positions are simpler than they are made out to be.

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Another update: Opening Statements in Intelligent Design Case Slated for Monday Joe
Hey Mike- this isn't for you :) Updated: Civil Trial of Former JPL Worker Bumped to Friday Looks like there are still a bunch of issues to be decided before the trial gets going Joe
Joe, I wasn't talking to you. My comment was directed at News. Mike LaFontaine
It would be better if the DI has someone there who could report on it I'm some 3,000 mile away... Joe
It would be great if you could provide periodic updates from the trial. It doesn't seem to register with the mainstream media here. Mike LaFontaine
Nevermind- the trial was continued until today: Updated: Civil Trial of Former JPL Worker Bumped to Thursday Joe
The trial started yesterday- does the Discovery Insttute have someone there to cover it? Joe
Anything less than reinstatement at JPL with full seniority, salary, and back pay will be a miscarriage of justice. jstanley01

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