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Predict “Darwin’s doom” timeline and win free stuff


The contest was judged here April 16, 2011.

Here, a commenter asked

O’Leary,As you’ve obviously got your finger on the pulse of the lay of the land and people trust and know you sufficiently well to confide in you such thoughts I wonder if you’d care to proffer a guess as to the time-line for the fall of Darwinism, based on the relative frequency of such encounters with Darwin-doubters??

Commenter JemimaRacktouey is too kind; most people who talk to me just want to bend a pliable ear, and in my trade one learns to just listen.

But she has a really good idea there, so I thought, let’s throw it open: What do you see as the timeline for Darwinism to be replaced by a more inclusive theory of evolution? If ever. And if not, why not?

As it happens, I still have Privileged Planet and Expelled DVDs, courtesy the producers, and will award one to anyone whose ideas interest me who is willing to supply a mailing address.

I’m not looking for agreement with my own ideas which are purposely not mentioned here. I’ll do that later when winners are announced, next Saturday.

I am looking for  interesting ideas,period.

Comments are now closed, for judging.  – d.