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Gil’s Involvement With The EIL


In a previous UD thread Leo Stotch commented and inquired:

I see that you are now part of the Evolutionary Informatics Lab, Gil. That must be exciting, to now be part of the scientific work associated with ID. Any previews of coming features for us?

Exciting indeed. The only preview I can offer is that I plan to use my software engineering experience, expertise, and knowledge to shed light on proposed Darwinian evolutionary mechanisms and their potential efficacy in the real world.

Interestingly enough, my first inklings that the blind-watchmaker thesis was a con game began with my research into computational search algorithms and obstacles presented by combinatorial explosion. Further experience with real-world computer simulations (guidance, navigation and control software in aerospace R&D, and most recently with finite-element analysis programming) has convinced me that Darwinists are living in the dark ages, promoting a quaint 19th-century notion that has nothing ultimately meaningful to say about biological reality beyond finch-beak variation and bacterial antibiotic resistance.

I’ll write more later about my involvement with the EIL. In the meantime check out this link to see where I got my interest in science. My father (whom I admire more than any man I have ever known) taught me to be vigilant when it comes to “scientific” claims, and to always check out the evidence for myself, and to use my reasoning power to see if the claims made sense.

UD readers might also like to check out my essays on the obstacles presented by combinatorial explosion, and the willingness of Darwinists to accept storytelling as fact, with absolutely no analytical scrutiny.

...how the finely tuned universe had been tempered. That would make for an interesting project as well. :-) GilDodgen
Oh, I was wrong. I had thought Gil was at the EIL to help find out how the finely tuned universe had been tempered. Bob Bob O'H
Thanks for the tribute to your dad. Neat to see. lars
GilDodgen, great piece. Thanks for the essays as well! Frost122585
Ah, guys, off topic, but look at this: http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2007/12/dino_mummy Gods iPod

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