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Huh? Actually, we thought Little Richie (Dawkins) was a special creation, just for us…


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Sal Cordova points to a YouTube portraying Richard Dawkins as a nasty little twerp, and Larry “genetic drift” Moran thinks it originated in the ID community. Unclear why because it’s really not about our usual questions and concerns.

It’s also not a lot nastier than the old showman himself. Seen way worse.

Our real relationship with him is, well, nuanced. If we want to explain to people what is wrong with modern day Darwinism, it is easier to point to him than recommend they read Edge of Evolution or Darwin’s Doubt.

Not better. Just easier.

Heck, we’ve even sometimes defended him. Remember the elevator follies? Yes, we were battin’ fer HIM. He makes our job easier, and Lord knows… .

Maybe Moran doesn’t get out of his lab much? It’s Dawkins’s own side that’s been lambasting the guy and calling him a terrible example.

We would be happy to see him in charge of all atheist activities worldwide, with special responsibility for “unreached peoples.”

In medicine, that would be called vaccination.

Note: A friend writes to say that the vid animator is British humourist Mike Booth, no known connection to ID. See here, here, and here.

Does anybody have a picture of a mini-Moran on a tricycle right next to mini-Dawkins? I think that would be hilarious. Any cartoonist at UD? Mapou
Moran should see the video Dawkins actually made starring Dawkins himself. In the video, Dawkins gets his head split open and then all we see are his brains and eyeballs, then they multiply…. at the end he says, “as for me, I’d rather spread memes than genes anyway.” We then see him tooting his own horn while a dinosaur swallows a shark. Even the UK Guardian observed:
The video that Richard Dawkins made for an advertising company in Cannes is like a particularly vivid anti-drug commercial: this is your brain on bad acid, except, of course, that this is a portrait of a brain wrecked by self-importance. Richard Dawkins Meaningless Meme
So is Moran going to complain the Darwin loving UK Guardian are uncivil IDists? Here is Dawkins own video about his brain spreading throughout the world. https://uncommondescent.com/just-for-fun/dawkins-mutation-in-the-mind-music-video-this-is-your-brain-on-bad-acid/ scordova

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