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How Richard Dawkins can shove that “elevator” story down the shaft.


First, who does Richard Dawkins fear meeting in an elevator?

The skepchick? Thinking perhaps of Dawkins’ career is “kaput”? Due to a row in an elevator at a Skeptics convention?? A row he wasn’t even in, actually. It was awful. For once, he didn’t get the usual no-blink, no-think accolades – but that fact alone earned him sympathy, including in scattered ID quarters: “More ice, please … Many are bored by politically correct posturing – a claim to righteousness without substance.

No, if Dawkins goes down, it should be for the right reasons. Which brings us to …

Omigawrsh. Also, background: “New vid uses authentic clips to taunt Richard Dawkins for refusing to debate William Lane Craig”

There’s still time between now and October 25, 2011, for Dawkins to agree to debate Craig. That would disappear the elevator story down the shaft, no?

Hat tip Telic Thoughts.

"This video is private" -- so what happened to it? Christian-apologetics.org
This should work. http://youtu.be/gxbM-t81tgE IRQ Conflict
The comic video link takes me to a video entitled "Oxford Atheist Calls Richard Dawkins "Coward" for Not Debating William Lane Craig". Was it changed? IRQ Conflict
"There are probably no elevators; now stop worrying and have a nice chat." Too, too funny! I wish I were so witty as to have been able to come up with that. Ilion
Is it the elevator, or the shaft, which is "selfish"? Ilion
That vid is soooooo funny!! My only objection is the use of Beethoven as elevator musak. Couldn't they have found the Boston Pops playing Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline or Song Sung Blue? Anyway, yes it seems that date in October could be a saving grace for Dawkins, but he doesn't believe in saving grace, so how about if we just allow him to save face. CannuckianYankee

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