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From Evolution News & Views:

February 12 is almost upon us. It will be Darwin Day, anniversary of the great man’s birth, which we call Academic Freedom Day in homage to Darwin’s wise warning that “a fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question.”

Yes, by now the fulsome comparisons of Darwin to Lincoln as a “great liberator” should be tumbling down the byteway.

Looking back primarily at the year 2015, I see several themes in our coverage of intellectual freedom and threats to it. First, and this is really a perennial, there are those Darwinists whose censorship of ideas consists of spreading a cloud of misinformation. Think of the National Center for Science Education, or Bill Nye, or Karl Giberson, or the Smithsonian’s traveling Human Origins exhibit.

Second, there are censors who act deliberately against skeptics to keep us out of earshot of civilians. Think of the United Methodist Church.

Third, there are the hair-raising mutters and mumbles you hear about actually prosecuting skeptics. More.

It’s not hair-raising for people of slender ability and little independence of thought who fancy a career in the thought police. It’d be Old Home Week.

See also: What the fossils told us in their own words. For once.

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Also, would someone get it across to these people below that C.S. Lewis’s Hymn to Evolution was satire? Aw, why bother. Any nonsense can now be spoken or sung in Darwin’s name, and it is now well beyond parody.


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