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To Err is Human: Error in comparing African-Euro genomes


Error found in study of first ancient African genome

“Finding that much of Africa has Eurasian ancestry was mistaken.” . . .

Incompatible software

the team made a mistake in its conclusion that the backflow reached western and central Africa . . .
Manica says that the error occurred when his team compared genetic variants in the ancient Ethiopian man with those in the reference human genome. Incompatibility between the two software packages . . .

Richard Feynman described the scientific method and the importance of determining that a model is “wrong” when it does not match the data.

In real jobs they would lose their job or be very threatened. The point of these jopbs is they get paid or some gain for doing this stuff INSTEAD of other people that they prevailed over. Africans are people from the group thart lived together after the flood. Some moved into africa and changed their genes instantly for problems of climate. There never was half black people in a population doing quite well. It was black and other points right away. So more genetic change then anyone else on earth. genetic studies fail because they don't allow for other options for gene origins. So its all comparative genetic concept. Just compare and conclude about origin. Its poor science like most stuff in origin research. Robert Byers

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