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Richard Dawkins champions a new word. Will it catch on?

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He invented “meme.” It caught on.

Unfortunately for clarity, but never mind.

Here’s his latest effort is to gain currency for a term,: to greenwald someone:

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 The neologism springs from his spat with fellow new atheist Glenn Greenwald (the flying horse controversy – the sort of mess new atheists would get themselves into, and then be thwacking each other over).

The discussion unfolds.

The question awaits: Why is Dawkins supposed to be world’s smartest man?

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2 Replies to “Richard Dawkins champions a new word. Will it catch on?

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    Mung says:

    Whew. For a moment there I thought he was trying to diss the Griswolds.

  2. 2

    Just in case you missed it elsewhere, I’ll repeat my adoration of ‘the smartest man in the world.’

    And I hear now that the flying horse he invented (evolved) can actually fly over the top of that paper mache mountain … is that true?

    SO here’s from before.

    Yea Dawkins … isn’t he the smartest man in the world?

    Did ya know he’s the one that revealed a long held secret that Edwin Herbert Land actually invented (evolved) the eye. Yea, no kidding Land just held some of his new fancy film up to the sun for a really long time and it turned into an eye … complete with arms, legs and feet. Nobody would have known that had it not been for the ‘smartest man in the world’ Richard Dawkins.

    And did you know he invented (evolved) mountains? Saw it myself where he built this beautiful thing from paper mache. He even said that if you climbed it you would discover the meaning of life. I tried it once, but it smashed down under my fat body so I gave up and looked for a Guru in Tibet instead … couldn’t climb that mountain either. Still looking for the secret of life …

    Then he invented (evolved) something or another that eventually turned itself into a hair pin … can’t remember much about that, perhaps some of the readers here remember.

    Hell yea … Dawkins is the ‘smartest man in the world,’ and I love (worship) Him dearly. Careful if you don’t agree, you might get called a bunch of bad names and lose your job at Burger King.

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