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Sparing us a lot of nonsense on the subject of altruism …

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Altruism = Darwin’s mob’s made-up term for human decency

From broadcaster Dennis Prager:

Years ago, I interviewed Pearl and Sam Oliner, two professors of sociology at California State University at Humboldt and the authors of one of the most highly-regarded works on altruism, The Altruistic Personality. The book was the product of the Oliners’ lifetime of study of non-Jewish rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust.

The Oliners, it should be noted, are secular, not religious, Jews; they had no religious agenda.

I asked Samuel Oliner, “Knowing all you now know about who rescued Jews during the Holocaust, if you had to return as a Jew to Poland and you could knock on the door of only one person in the hope that they would rescue you, would you knock on the door of a Polish lawyer, a Polish doctor, a Polish artist or a Polish priest?”

Without hesitation, he said, “a Polish priest.” And his wife immediately added, “I would prefer a Polish nun.”

That alone should be enough to negate the pernicious nonsense that God is not only unnecessary for a moral world, but is detrimental to one.

Altruism = Darwin’s mob’s made-up term for human decency
? It appears to have been coined by the French philosopher Compte. In biology it is used to refer to behaviour in an animal puts the welfare of others before his/her own. It's also in general use to describe unselfishness, and putting other people first - which is indeed a major part of "human decency". So what is your point? What's this got to do with "Darwin's mob" whoever "Darwin's mob" are supposed to be? Elizabeth B Liddle

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