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Sudden death of prof who wrote on Darwinism and literature


From the New York Times:

Faculty members and students at Yale University, where he [Samuel See] was an admired assistant professor of English, were shaken and openly mourned the abrupt, inexplicable conclusion to his life. Investigations are now examining the circumstances of his death, to see if he had been ill or injured and determine whether the authorities bore any blame. He was 34.

In the weeks that have passed, equally puzzling questions have arisen about just who Mr. See was and how many lives he led.

His vita  outlines his work on Darwin’s influence on literary theory, including a book manuscript in progress.

His passing puts us in mind of that of Denis Dutton (1944–2010), doyen of literary Darwinism and editor of Arts and Letters Daily. Which reminds us, since Dutton’s death—is it just imagination or have we heard less of literary Darwinism, and of evo psych, at the Daily? We hope the latter; we can always use plausible information.

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