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The Camp of the Templeton Saints gives Baylor another chance to prove that it is just another secular swillpit, chasing octogenarian grants from the faithful

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Gosh, if you go with the history … But this is now.

Templeton award winner Francisco Ayala graces Baylor March 24/25

7:30 PM, Thursday 24 March, “Darwin’s Gift to Science and Religion,” public lecture. 

1:30 PM, Friday 25 March, “The Molecular Clock of Evolution,” technical lecture.

Prof. Ayala is a world renown geneticist, a former Catholic priest, and a high profile advocate for the compatibility of science and religion. In a series of books he has eloquently laid out the arguments for evolution, and particularly for natural selection, and detailed the history of the resulting debates that ensued from Darwin’s first publication of “On the Origin of Species”, which will be the subject of his talk on Thurs night.

Dr. Ayala is professor of Biological Sciences and Philosophy at California Irvine. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the National of Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Philosophical Society. He has written 30 books and published more than 950 articles.

So he, who has never told us what he now believes shall now reliably instruct Baylor. Sounds about right.

But we are told,

Many years ago he entered the priesthood, but for only a short time. He writes extensively on the interface of faith and science. 

Speaking as a serious Catholic here, and only in my own voice, not for the list guvs:

So he gave up the idea of offering the holy bread of eternal life and the cup of everlasting salvation – which connects heaven and earth as long as it is celebrated – for what, exactly? An eventual Templeton grant?

Aw, I don’t care for what. It cannot fail to be an interesting lecture. If you do not have to walk barefoot (?!) or worse ( … ?!!!) through airports, by all means attend.

NZer I agree, here is the debate here; Is Intelligent Design Viable?: Ayala vs. Craig http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jLNMBTlwYI Here is my favorite part of the debate where Dr. Craig puts Ayala on the spot for failing to provide any evidence for 'macro-evolution' whatsoever: The Sheer Lack Of Evidence For Macro Evolution - William Lane Craig - video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/4023134/ bornagain77
And IIRC the debate on ID between him and William Lane Craig was a joke. Craig walked all over him AND it was the first ID debate Craig had ever done. NZer

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