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How Darwin is defended, in case you wondered …

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In response to my profile of Cap’n “I don’t read the stuff I review” Zen, whoever he may be, a friend – with some experience dealing with these types  – kindly writes to say,

… many members of the militant atheist set will often write “canned” reviews of a book with either minimal reading or no reading whatsoever. Most actual users of Amazon will give such “reviews” a negative vote. However, the goal of these writers is not so much to provide their particular slant on the book as it is to try to crowd out serious or thoughtful reviews on a topic they dislike. To further this end, they post a link to their reviews on various “science” (read materialist) and atheist websites asking for what Amazon calls “campaign” votes. If one of these negative reviews gets enough votes, it is then featured on the Amazon page as “Spotlight” review. To hold all the spotlight review positions effectively crowds out the thoughtful reviews (which then appear in abbreviated form on the side margin) and the militant set achieves their goal. 

Wanna let them achieve their goal?  Don’t read Nature of Nature.

Like, why should you bother your fluffy little Valley girls head about that stuff when you could be learning why Top People believe in Darwin?


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