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Turkey tries to block Darwin fan pages


In a move guaranteed (though not apparently calculated) to electrify the rotting corpse of Darwinism, Turkey recently tried to block some Darwin puff pages:

The result was an outcry by the media and academics. Soon after, regulatory authorities re-instated the web pages, with the regulatory authority claiming the ban was a “clerical error.” Recent media reports, however, say the evolution sites still remain blocked in schools.

– Dorian Jones, “Turkey Blocks Web Pages Touting Darwin’s Evolution Theory” (Voice of America, December 13, 2011)

Leading commentator Mustafa Akyol observes,

alternative theories to evolution have a place in education.

“There are some scientific facts in nature that point to a design by some intelligent being which is not a part of nature, this being might be God. This cannot be a reason to reject data just simply because it’s compatible with religion. I think a fair and objective scientific education should allow Darwin evolution and also critics of Darwin evolution,” said Akyol.

Exactly, and the need to keep ridiculous Darwin hagiography from infesting the education system is better served by a critical look at what Darwinists propound vs. the facts of nature. The Selfish Gene vs. epigenetics, for example. Or the Cave Man vs. Gobekli Tepe … The possibilities are endless …

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