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Physicists: A mirror universe might explain dark matter


Says a team of three Canadian physicists:

The Big Bang didn’t just result in our familiar universe, according to a mind-bending new theory – it also generated a second “anti-universe” that extended backwards in time, like a mirror image of our own…

This new theory is compelling, according to a news release about the new theory, because it would mean that the universe is filled with “very massive sterile neutrinos” that could explain dark matter, a mysterious material that is believed to make up much of the universe. By the researchers’ own admission, according to Physics World, many details of the new theory still need to be hammered out. Jon Christian, “New Paper: A ‘Mirror Image’ of Our Universe Existed Before The Big Bang” at ScienceAlert

The theory is “compelling” because a mirror universe is an entirely natural idea, perhaps an old one. It’s neater and cleaner than the multiverse and does not entail absurdity. On the contrary, it creates symmetry where before there was asymmetry. But if a mirror universe is not something we can determine or study in this universe, it’s not science. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea but we need to be careful how we invoke it.

Abstract:We propose that the state of the Universe does not spontaneously violate CPT. Instead, the Universe after the big bang is the CPT image of the Universe before it, both classically and quantum mechanically. The pre- and postbang epochs comprise a universe-antiuniverse pair, emerging from nothing directly into a hot, radiation-dominated era. CPT symmetry selects a unique QFT vacuum state on such a spacetime, providing a new interpretation of the cosmological baryon asymmetry, as well as a remarkably economical explanation for the cosmological dark matter. Requiring only the standard three-generation model of particle physics (with right-handed neutrinos), a Z2 symmetry suffices to render one of the right-handed neutrinos stable. We calculate its abundance from first principles: matching the observed dark matter density requires its mass to be 4.8×108GeV. Several other testable predictions follow: (i) the three light neutrinos are Majorana particles and allow neutrinoless double β decay; (ii) the lightest neutrino is massless; and (iii) there are no primordial long-wavelength gravitational waves. We mention connections to the strong CP problem and the arrow of time. (open access) – Latham Boyle, Kieran Finn, and Neil Turok Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 251301 – Published 20 December 2018 More.

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"it also generated a second “anti-universe” that extended backwards in time, like a mirror image of our own" Um, NO. If you go backwards in time from the instant of our Big Bang, you MIGHT get a universe COLLAPSING into our Singularity, but it would have ALL of the problems of Logic because things would MAGICALLY APPEAR (poof), grow YOUNGER in age, experience "reverse birth" (you go back INSIDE your mother's womb and then separate into your parents's egg and sperm). ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to be learned or predicted. We would know all about how to cure cancer but then FORGET it. Etc., etc. Steam would condense into cooking pots only to be sucked up by faucets that "pump" the cooled water back into the ground. We can never observe any such place. The existence of OUR Universe prevents any such observations. So I don't see any PRACTICAL advantage to spending more than a drunken Saturday evening pondering the idea. But I'm sure somebody will get a grant for a couple billion to write up the notes. vmahuna

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