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Urgent: This engineer needs thought engineering

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In the University of Houston alumni mag Parameters (Spring 2011) , vision researcher Haluk Ogmen says:

Computers beat the brain in many tasks, like large number multiplication and database searches,” he said. “But there are other tasks that no computer even comes close to what we can do. In the area of navigation, the most powerful supercomputers cannot even match insects. So what’s missing are the engineering design principles that capture the fundamentals of biological information processing. That’s my goal as an engineer, to reverse–engineer vision, memory, and cognition and see how our brains and minds work.

Design principles in vision? See “Biologist goes to war against language” for the correct Darwinspeak protocols currently in force.

Man, I can't wait until they can reverse-engineer my memory. Mung
Ah, the lowly trilobite. But did they actually have vision, or just fancy eyes? Mung

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