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Will the Darwinists cower before Islam?

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Scratch that. Partial answer just in. One already has.

Here (Retreating Into Silence, March 6, 2011), Mark Steyn tells a prescient story:

A prominent British imam has been forced to retract his claims that Islam is compatible with Darwin’s theory of evolution after receiving death threats from fundamentalists.This is not in Lahore or Cairo but in London, at what is described as “a prominent mosque which also runs one of the country’s largest sharia courts” – in other words, a religious institution that already enjoys the imprimatur of state approval, albeit not (yet) to the same degree as in Pakistan. The imam, Dr Hasan, has issued a groveling apology – “I seek Allah’s forgiveness for my mistakes” – but they still want to kill him.

(The “fundamentalists”* are fellow Muslims.)

Dr Hasan is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. I wonder if those many western intellectuals eager to heap Himalayas of derision on those (largely apocryphal) American school districts that require creationism to be taught alongside evolution will be equally gung-ho about hooting and jeering at men who are willing to kill for the mildest suggestion that Islam and evolution are not entirely incompatible.

Would PZ Myers like to try desecrating the Koran, as he did a Catholic host (communion wafer)?

Mmm. That’s what I thought. “Transgressive” is fun when no one hits back. The Catholic Church didn’t, nor will David Brooks.

Steyn pretty much captures characters like PZ here:

When the west’s bestselling atheists, stand-up comics, transgressive artists and all the rest belittle Christianity but steer clear of Islam, they’re not just engaging in prudent self-protection. They’re objectively advancing the cause of Islamic imperialism – because their selective mockery acts in support of the bullies’ core belief, that Islam is different and must be accorded a special deference

Well, the beauty for Darwinists, cowering before Islam, is that Darwin was always conceded to be a mortal god. It was a good party while it lasted. He is not waiting to greet them on the other side, despite their cloying piety.

When they cower and sell out, they are not grieving him. He no longer exists, except as an obsession in their own minds, and who would take serious risks for that?

P Z Myers is a wise coward: he'll never try to desecrate the Koran!!! Wanna bet he'll never do this??? Enezio E. De Almeida Filho
#2paragwinn A tiny rather insignificant bit of Koran abuse (if one can call it that) buried in a continuous stream of ridicule, mockery and sacrilegious slander directed against Catholics and Catholicism. A very small needle in a huge hay stack of anti-Catholicism. My my that courageous! Here's my suggestion to the oh so brave Prof Myers. Just post a stand alone and lengthy tirade of mockery against Islam and Mohammed on your Facebook page (if you have one) and see how you go. That's the real challenge. No camouflage using a screen of anti-Catholic smear. Btw if Myers gets some sort of pleasure out of his constant raging against Catholicism he needs help badly. Does he really think that ridicule changes peoples minds? No, they just think he's an arrogant self-obsessed prat. deric davidson
I'm not sure of the greater point you are trying to make. In the cited article, a man of faith makes a statement to which fundamentalists within his own religion take exception. They apply pressure in the form of threats, and the statement is retracted. You could have just as easily titled the post "Will the Mathematician Bow to the Text?". Muramasa
Forgive me if i'm stating the obvious or greatly confused but the link included in your "cloying piety" statement points to a satirical article by The Onion. It's not clear to me whether you were satirizing the satire or were intending something else. paragwinn
sorry, meant to link here. paragwinn
"Would PZ Myers like to try desecrating the Koran" <a href="http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2008/07/the_great_desecration.php" title="He has done so." Scroll down to see visual evidence. paragwinn
Would PZ Myers like to try desecrating the Koran, as he did a Catholic host (communion wafer)?
He did. Reptilian
Would PZ Myers like to try desecrating the Koran, as he did a Catholic host (communion wafer)? Mmm. That’s what I thought Better check your facts. In the 'great desecration' he clearly showed a pic of the 'Holy Quran' with a rusty nail through it. (along with a holy biscuit and a page from Dawkins). Graham
PZ Myers did desecrate the Koran at the same time he desecrated the host. http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2008/07/the_great_desecration.php I doubt that this comment will show up, since it disproves the whole point of this post and I get the feeling that you are more concerned with propaganda than facts, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Retroman
Myers already desecrated a Koran. It happened at the same time as the desecration of the Host. He ripped pages out of the Koran and The God Delusion, drove a nail through the Host and the pages. Then he poured coffee grounds and a banana on top. (I wasn't sure if links to his website were allowed. That's why I described rather than linked to the page.) theroberts

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