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You want to start your baby out right … with a Darwinian pediatrician …

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All the rage now, we hear. In “Darwin’s Pediatricians” (Evolution News & Views, April 19, 2012), Heather Zeiger observes,

New Scientist has an interview with Dr. Paul Turke, a “Darwinian” pediatrician.

But it turns out, he doesn’t do anything that’s different from physicians known to the UD News desk who are young Earth creationists or Muslims with no use whatever for Darwin.

None of these goals requires a Darwinian perspective, and might actually be contrary to some interpretations of Darwinism. They are derived from the Hippocratic tradition, which pre-dates theistic religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. However, the Hippocratic tenets are compatible with Christianity and other theistic religions and have been adapted to those traditions.

Dr. Turke can, of course, call himself whatever he wants — a Darwinian pediatrician, a Christian pediatrician, an atheistic pediatrician. Rather than offering a whole new medical paradigm, however, he seems to be using Darwinism to explain what people already do in medicine.

Actually, Darwinists have been trying to invade medicine for a while.

They will surely fail because medicine is an art and a craft as well as a science.

In the words of a great Canadian physician: Cure sometimes, relieve often, comfort always.

In other words, be useful, and don’t set any store by a fat-headed theory about the history of life. Leave that to people who cannot legitimately put M.D. after their name.

See also: Why Darwinian medicine is a dead loss.

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3 Replies to “You want to start your baby out right … with a Darwinian pediatrician …

  1. 1
    tjguy says:

    If I were a “Darwinian” doctor, whatever that means, I don’t think I would advertise it too much if I lived in the US. I know for certain, that I would never choose such a doctor for our family guy if at all possible.

    Evolution has little if anything to do with practicing medicine so perhaps it wouldn’t hurt all that much to go to such a doctor, but still, I prefer a doctor who sees people as the unique handiwork of God and respects them as such.

    This claim of being a “Darwinian” doctor is a farce. It is just a ply of the Darwinists to try and claim something that isn’t theirs and make it look like they get credit for it. I have many Christian friends who are not evolutionists by any means and they are wonderful doctors and well-respected in the community as a doctor.

  2. 2
    nullasalus says:

    Darwin’s Pediatricians

    ‘Well, this baby is unfit. According to Darwinian principles, it would be better – as Peter Singer and others will tell you – if we just get rid of it. That will keep our gene pool more pure, and our resources less burdened.’

    “But that seems gravely immoral.”

    ‘What a coincidence! Holding that view also sacrifices fitness.’

  3. 3
    Mung says:

    I don’t understand why we don’t have a catch and release policy.

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