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An example of why atheist creation stories should not be taught in tax-funded schools

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Here (following on this):

Man, with all his intelligence and expertise, struggles to create artificial limbs to replace the legs of people who have lost them. The irony is that the atheists believes – with conviction – that leg was created via random accidents taking place over long periods of time. He (the atheist) believes that accidents could create something which he (the intelligent being) cannot properly mimic. Does the atheist’s believe follow on from the evidence? Does the atheist have a leg to stand on?

He does have a captive audience of children who have to listen, that is what he has.

James Bale @3: How're you're lungs doing? Missed many breaths lately? How many beats has your heart missed recently? How many synapses in brain have failed you (well, prior to your post, anyway :) )? And your kidneys, how's all that filtering doing? And all your other bodily organs? And every cell that is now, and has ever been in your body? And every sub-atomic structure in you, and the universe that maintains you? And that ultimate chicken or egg machine, the symbiotic relationship between your dna/rna and your ribosomes? And existence of, everything? Oh yeah, they all just kind worked out. Lucky you! Enjoy your blindest of faiths. But, careful! You might someday think to be thankful for any of them! Naaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! es58
James Bale @ 3: You really need to read the Bible. Your idea of God and how He created humans is completely, utterly wrong. It's amusing to read, but it's utterly wrong. Barb
CC: You raise an interesting concern, and indeed there has been a threat by NSTA and NAS against not toeing the party line on the novel materialist ideology loaded redefinition of science. Children were held hostage to force a state's education authority to toe a radical materialist party-line in defiance of history and a lot of good phil of sci. In reply to such, it is obvious that education -- and this includes origins science education, ought not to be turned into materialist indoctrination. Until it is grounded on observational fact that blind chance and mechanical necessity can and do create functionally specific complex organisation and associated information, that OOL is accounted for on blind physics and chemistry and chance variation and differential reproductive success yielding incremental descent with unlimited modification account for body plans, we are dealing with educational over-reach into indoctrination. Which, is a much deeper problem. KF kairosfocus
Everybody has a right to believe in whatever he thinks is right for him. But when it comes to schools, well I do not think that this is right. Maybe I am saying this because I am not an atheist just like the majority people are. But think further, what will children write in their essays when they will be sending their applications to colleges? How will such information be accepted by the board of education? But from another side again everyone has a right to think that way as we live in a democratic country! Candice from dissertation writing service at MyEssayService Online CandiceC
Even being "educated" is still not enough to understand that these legs weren't made for walking.
Most educated people do not understand Darwin’s theory of evolution. This is because the idea that our legs are not made for walking or our eyes for seeing is difficult to grasp.
http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/bies.201000142/pdf lol udat
‘Does the atheist have a leg to stand on?’ Only a hollow, wooden one, and so poorly made, it is a leg in name only: good for nothing but satire and, in truth, too surreal for that.
And even that pathetic excuse for a leg is still a product of intelligent design. (As deficient as that intelligence may be, judging by its products) SirHamster
God, with his omnipotent and omniscient power, unlimited expertise has struggled to perfect his design to ensure all his children are born with healthy limbs. The irony is that the creationists (idiots) believe God has deliberately deprived these poor souls of legs to test them, believe the poor soul will get a better deal upon death. He (the idiot) believes that God has given us the humans the best attributes of the animal kingdom - we are made in his image - they claim, shame God gave starfish the ability to regrow limbs but was not so kind to us. Do the idiots have a leg to stand on? There was serval grammar mistakes in your piece, by the way. James Bale
OT: Today on the Medved Show's, Stephen Meyer and Christopher Booker Will Talk About Science and "Anti-Science" - October 15, 2013 Listen live on the radio or online by going here! The program airs at 1 pm Pacific time, 4 pm Eastern. - http://www.evolutionnews.org/2013/10/today_on_the_me_3077911.html bornagain77
'Does the atheist have a leg to stand on?' Only a hollow, wooden one, and so poorly made, it is a leg in name only: good for nothing but satire and, in truth, too surreal for that. But one day, they will serve as an invaluable object-lesson to mankind that there is no abyss of imbecility the unaided, worldly intelligence is incapable of plumbing, once the capital bequeathed it by Christian culture is exhausted, unless held in check by wiser counsels. Axel

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