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Former #1 science blog responds to questions posted at UD


The Happy Atheist PZ Myers’ blog was once the world’s most visited science blog. He then migrated his blog toward other issues like freethought and became involved in some of the most entertaining internet dramas like Elevator Gate.

He actually took time as a science professor to answer questions intended for science professors: No not the list of stumpers again.

I don’t have time right now to go through his responses, but he did have some good ones like:

Most molecular evolution is neutral. Done.

I’d like to thank PZ, Arthur Hunt, Larry Moran and all the science professors who responded to my draft list of questions. Their feedback will be very helpful to on going improvements to that list of questions.

I should mention, questions and assertions I posed to science professor Arthur Hunt about 9 years ago at ARN resulted in this response: “read Kimura”. Well, I’m not sure that he gave much thought about whether I would actually follow his suggestion, but I read Kimura as he suggested.

And what did I learn from Dr. Hunt’s response to “read Kimura”? I learned most evolution could not be Darwinian.

PZ himself says:

Most molecular evolution is neutral. Done.

Translation: most molecular evolution is non-Darwinian.

In fairness the worst of the random is still filtered out by selection. JoeCoder
In other words, most evolution is purely random. Done. Jehu

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