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Frank Beckwith awarded tenure

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I just learned that Frank Beckwith has been awarded tenure at Baylor. This is a huge development for Baylor, signifying a decisive reversal for the forces of secularization that have done everything in their power of undermine Baylor’s Christian identity. Note that Frank was opposed because of his openness to ID (not outright support) and his refusal to disassociate himself from Seattle’s Discovery Institute. Frank’s case has been reported on this blog in the past (search “Beckwith”). World Magazine and the Chronicle of Higher Education have reported on Frank’s upcoming tenure decision in the last two weeks.

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Congratulations, Frank. Mats
I've read a couple of Frank's books and have met him on a couple of occasions at seminars in Southern California. He is a first-rate intellect and scholar, and an extraordinarily fine gentleman. He is also very quick on his feet in a public debate, extremely articulate, and has a great sense of humor. Frank is an International Grandmaster at detecting self-refuting arguments. It is a travesty that his tenure was ever challenged, especially because the motives underlying the challenges were a transparently nefarious attempt to excommunicate him from academia for the heresy of politically incorrect views. I'll bet that those academics who passed judgment on Frank couldn't hold a candle to his intellect, publication record, or anything else. Ah, the wonders of academia, a world of tolerance and a free marketplace of ideas. It is the antithesis of what it claims to be. GilDodgen
Great news!! And I like the new layout. tribune7
Hurray! I love just endings! DaveScot
This is great news. Maybe Baylor is beginning to rediscover its soul at last!! DonaldM
Great news. Congratulations to Mr. Beckwith! Jack Golightly
WOOHOO!!!!!!! Let us hope for others like Guillermo Gonzalez. Sal scordova

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