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B & H Publishing Group, publisher of Dr. Dembski’s excellent new theodicy The End of Christianity: Finding a Good God in an Evil World, is sponsoring a video contest at www.godornot.com.

C. S. Lewis wrote in his journal, after the passing of his wife Joy Davidman Gresham from cancer, “Sooner or later I must face the question in plain language. What reason have we, except our own desperate wishes, to believe that God is, by any standard we can conceive, ‘good’?” The journal entries written during his mourning were later to become the book A Grief Observed, which he initially published under the pseudonym N. W. Clerk.

The publisher believes that the above quote from Lewis is the central question throughout the book: Is God’s goodness apparent to us?  They believe it is also a question central to mankind. “If it is true that God is good,” they ask, “is it obvious to us in life?” “And if we can recognize it, what does it look like? What impact it would have on Christians if they were made aware of hundreds or even thousands of testimonies that offer objective and subjective observations of God’s goodness?” Well, they want to find out.

B&H Academic is launching a video contest on January 4, 2010 that asks students to answer a question: Why do you believe God is good?

Their desire is to provide a networking platform that motivates students to offer their observations about God’s goodness. And in so doing they hope that these observations will encourage all of us to be more aware of God’s goodness in our lives.

Visit www.godornot.com for all details related to this contest. Here are some highlights:

* The contest runs January 4, 2010 through April 5, 2010.
* The contest is for all students enrolled in at least 12 hours per semester.
* There is no cost or obligation to enter.
* Students can post videos no longer than 2 minutes each.
* There is no limit to the number of videos that a student can enter in the contest.
* The public will vote on their favorite video.
* Video entry with most votes by April 5, 2010 wins GRAND PRIZE OF $5,000

Please take time to visit the site, and encourage students to participate in the contest. And be sure to visit the site often throughout the contest.

Who was it that committed "the original sin"? Adam, Eve, the Serpent? Mung
I take it tha CS Lewis didn't understand "The Fall from Grace" after the original sin. Joseph
bb, Thanks. Clive Hayden
Clive, Thank you. You can find your announcement here. bb
bb, No I don't mind a bit, just represent everything correctly and accurately, but please no editorials or op-eds about it. Clive Hayden
Clive, Do you mind if I post your well written announcement to my own website: The Mountain Daily News? bb

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