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Kansas to waste tax money on nonsense?


Get this:

TOPEKA — The Kansas school board has approved new multistate science standards for public schools that treat evolution and climate change as key concepts to be taught from kindergarten through the 12th grade.

Does that mean garbage ranging from Haeckel’s embryos to the latest climate apocalypse* will be fronted as science?

Hey, the kids will survive. I (Denyse O’Leary) remember being taught to hide crouched under a desk in case of nuclear war. (Not clear how that’d help much. It was never explained.)

Anyway, we all peeked out from under our desks and did not notice any nuclear war. Just our dogs waiting in the school yard, but we were not allowed to whistle them up and go home.

Well, what the heck, that was Canada in the early 1960s. If anyone held a war where we lived, who’d have noticed? Who’d even show up for it?

Imagine, the first war in history with no casualties and no combatants … .

But you wonder what Kansas ratepayers must be thinking if they vote for this. Don’t they need the money for non-nonsense?

So do the climate change apocalypse people need a better fraud? Maybe Darwin’s followers can help.

*Note: Here at Uncommon Descent, we can’t tell you what the latest climate apocalypse will be. The apocalypses change monthly, compared to Haeckel’s embryos, a fraud perpetrated in biology for something like a century.

From The Huffington Post: The Kansas State Board of Education voted Tuesday to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), a new science curriculum that treats evolution and climate change as fact and promotes hands-on learning. The Kansas board passed the new standards in an 8-2 vote, and encountered significantly less opposition to evolution and climate change principles than in the past, reports the Associated Press. The state voted to weaken evolution teaching in 1999 and 2005, although it adopted an evolution-friendly science curriculum in 2007. Barb

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