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Transhumanists want to fix our morality for us as well


Recently, ethicist and lawyer Wesley J.Smith expressed the view at Mind Matters that

The transhumanist movement swoons over increasing intelligence. If I had to choose between increasing the intelligence of the human race versus enhancing our capacity to love, the human race would be far better off embracing the latter than the former. There is no brain implant for that. More.

Historian Richard Weikart responds, writing to us here,

Actually, some segments of the transhumanist movement, such as Oxford philosopher Julian Savulescu, would largely agree that the “capacity to love” should be preferred to increasing intelligence. As I explain in detail in the last chapter of my book, The Death of Humanity: And the Case for Life, Savulescu argues that increasing human intelligence without also using what he calls “moral enhancement” could be disastrous. However, Savulescu disagrees with Wesley Smith by arguing that morality is biologically ingrained, and thus he thinks that we can use biological methods (primarily genetic engineering and hormone therapies) to improve human morality.

Yes. Re Savulescu, See, for example, “Prof: We Have A ‘Moral Obligation To Select Ethically Better Children’ Through Genetic Screening” Well, eugenics, “the best organized philanthropic project of all time” is back, having failed to learn a thing. And “Morals: Some Now Claim That The Government Fixing Our Brains Is The Only Solution

That would appear to make transhumanism an enemy of free will and of freedom generally. But give them credit for being honest about it.

Note: Weikart’s two recent books are The Death of Humanity And the Case for Life : And the Case for Life (2016) and Hitler’s Religion: The twisted beliefs that drove the Reich: The Twisted Beliefs That Drove the Third Reich (2016)

See also: Wesley J.Smith: Transhumanists don’t seem much interested in such real improvements in the human condition. They want quick, easy technological fixes

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Well, gee, golly. Eugenics was an AMERICAN idea that had WIDE public support for decades. This support included a ruling by the US Supreme Court that YES, the State of Virginia (and everybody else) could FORCIBLY sterilize American citizens because somebody said some kind of IQ test indicated the citizen's IQ was low and they should be prevented from polluting the American gene pool. The Germans merely COPIED US laws forbidding race mixing (the German 1934 law was a DIRECT TRANSLATION of a 1919 California law intended to prevent European-Chinese marriages). Hitler was raised Roman Catholic (a common thing in rural Austria) and was rumored to sneak into the back of a church for midnight Mass at Christmas. But he STRONGLY complained about the ADMINISTRATION of the Catholic Church. For PURELY anti-German propaganda purposes, much is made of German interest in "the Aryan Race". Aryan, from the same root as "Iran", means EXACTLY the same thing as "Indo-European", and I don't think there are too many people who complain about archeological and linguistic research into the spread of Indo-Europeans across Europe. ALL Europeans, including the French and English, are of course Aryans (except for the tiny stump of ancient folk who lived in Western Europe before the Indo-European "invasion" which lasted several thousand years). But on the God thing, as little as Hitler liked the Catholic Church's administration, he had NO intention to drive it out of Germany, and he was in fact rather embarrassed when one of the German bishops publicly condemned one of his pronouncements. There was of course NO SUGGESTION that the bishop be "spirited away" by the Gestapo and beaten in an alley someplace. And having survived CENTURIES of religious wars, by the 20th century Germans were pretty liberal about matters of faith, with the Protestant North accepting the Catholic South and vice versa. So, for example, Hermann Goering made his decision to be a Catholic rather than a Lutheran when he was in the German equivalent of high school. But the 20th century fascination with Old Cultures was not limited to the Germans. The French were mad for all things Gallic, and the English were fascinated with Neo-Druidism. Churchill was a Neo-Druid, with a costume and everything. So if you want to make any useful comments about what Germans thought in the mid-1900s, ya kinda hafta READ something written from German sources. vmahuna

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