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New at The Best Schools II


Actually, WalMart could teach higher ed a thing or two
“If only higher ed WAS a chain of WalMarts, it wouldn’t leave the student in decades of debt.”

Big universities starting to cut staff, to trim costs?
“Apparently. Cuts may be hard to spot at first because they will often consist mostly of retirements, resignations and not filling existing vacancies as well as delaying salary increases. So you will only know for sure if tuition increases slow down or reverse themselves.”

Tweet! Or delete!(?) Read this before you post to Twitter
“Good question to ask: Why does the world need to hear from me? The harsh truth is, most career-ending tweets are not valiant stands for truth, but stuff better left unsaid.”

Know your era: What were people really wearing, listening to, or thinking about in, say, 1975?
“A useful resource for speaking, conversation, or writing.”

Trite phrases to avoid and three ways to avoid them
“Clichés are overused, but they are not useless, and especially not if the habit of avoiding them forces us to reflect on what we are doing as well as what we are writing.”


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