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Why minimal guidance fails in education“The current situation will probably continue as long as direct instruction is more expensive and less interesting than fads, which is to say forever. But astute consumers of education, especially if they are paying for it, can learn to make wiser investments by heeding these cautionary tales.”

Why make New Year’s Resolutions when we are just going to break them anyway?
“Here are a few common causes of failure, and suggestions for new strategy: 1. We don’t really care very much, we just think we should. Or other people think we should. A resolution relieves guilt and tells our loved ones, “I hear you.” But by February they have broken their resolutions too, so the deal’s off but the relationships are safe. And maybe in the end that’s all we wanted. We will be happier people if we just recognize that. More.”

Are you a phubber? If so, you’ll suffer for it
“A what? One of those people who snubs others by checking their phone constantly, texting, etc., during a conversation.”

Yes, what you read changes your brain. But does that matter much if the change is temporary?
“Neuroscience’s best use in education is more likely to be diagnostic: That is, are there illuminating neuroscience correlates for why Johnny can’t read at eight years old, rather than for what happens when he reads about birds as opposed to baseball or Batman?”

Outside-the-box careers: Teaching in a prison
“One thing that probably helps the program stay real with the students in prison (and their teachers) is that it receives no public funding. Public funding is a mixed blessing.”

Yes, you are absolutely right that we do not really care as much as we should. But I do not understand why? And, by the way, by “we” I mostly mean the government which shutting lots of funding, well, in some cases, reduces it. The whole system is pretty messed up and yet still we do nothing about it, we just and watch and let bad things continue to happen in the education segment. I mean is that really what we should be doing? Why not finally speak up of the existing problems: low test results scores around the country in writing (look for safe website to purchase paper from), reading, math, science, etc.! CandiceC

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