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Paul Nelson at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG)


Paul Nelson will be giving a seminar on ID at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG) on Friday the 18th of this month:

Paul Nelson at UAG

[...] Guadalajara, Mexico: Dr. Paul Nelson, ARN Board member and Discovery Institute Fellow, lectured on Intelligent Design at the beautiful campus of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG), the oldest and most distinguished private university in Mexico. It was a tremendous event (packed auditorium) with all the intellectual freedom and institutional support that one could want. The next day, the university biologists escorted Dr. Nelson to a resort hotel owned by the UAG on Lake Chapala in the mountains of Jalisco, where they enjoyed a lively seminar on the problems with macroevolution, and where Dr. Nelson again enjoyed support and intellectual freedom currently unimaginable in the United States. [Taken from: ARN-Announce, Dennis Wagner, editor. Number Fifty, December 1, 2005] [...] Teleological Blog » Dr. Paul Nelson in Guadalajara, Mexico
Thanks to Dr. William A. Dembski for informing us of such news. I did my High School, my Bachelor's Degree in 'Agricultural Engineering' and my Specialty in 'Agroecosystems and Zootechny' in the UAG. While taking my specialty we integrated (with Engineers Cota, Gonzalez and Acevedo and others) the "Pet Kotoob" Club, whose purpose was the study and rationally exploitation of Wildlife. Today, with Intelligent Design, we can think in doing a practical and an even more rational and logical interbreeding of genetically compatible organisms, as I have posted today (Thursday 10, Nov. 2005) in my Blog entitled "Research on Intelligent Design": http://fdocc.blogspot.com My posting of today was inspired by this entry by Dr. Dembski. I am happy that Dr. Paul Nelson is going to the UAG! Fer
That's very nice! Continue with those conferences at this side of the World!!! Daniel512

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