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ID at Biola University

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This website was down for a while and is now back up: http://www.biola.edu/id.

Dr. Dembski, I have decided to apply for admission into the Master of Arts in Science and Religion program at Biola - hopefully to start in fall 2006. After 20 years in the semiconductor industry this will be quite a change, but one a long time coming. For the first time in years I feel excited about the future and know that at the very least I'll grow in my understanding of God and His Creation - and be better prepared to communicate it to my circle of friends and fellow engineers. As my wife pointed out, religion/science controversies replaced engineering as my passion years ago, so I might as well formalize it and prepare for a more exciting future. I would not have even known about this program without your blog. So thanks! Doug dougmoran

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