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Scopes Documentary on The History Channel


I was just over at Panda’s Thumb and saw that Tara Smith had put up a post informing her readers of a documentary about the Scopes trial to air on The History Channel tomorrow night. It also looks like they will say a little about intelligent design. Will they give ID a fair shake? Tune in to find out.

It is true that Scopes was a general science teacher. He recalled teaching the same material on evolution to his general science students, as well as the biology students in the class he substituted for. The reason the biology class did not discuss the evolution chapters in class, is because Scopes himself became ill the next day and did not come to class. Even so, Scopes said that he did not believe any discussion on the reading had taken place. He wasn't sure because it wasn't his class. Was it illegal to teach evolution? Dhogaza says "Given that he was convicted, apparently so." Well, the conviction was overturned a year later. Furthermore, if it was so horrible that it was illegal, what about today? Is it illegal to mention intelligent design in public schools? Apparently so, Dover Area School District was convicted. Convicted for MENTIONING intellgient design. Oh, the irony. The History Channel aired a special on evolution before. The episode was extremely biased. No intelligent design advocates were interviewed. No creationists were even interviewed. Four evolutionists, that very few have heard of, were interviewed. The special was horribly done. It'll be interesting to see how this one goes. SChen24

Scopes was a general science teacher and part-time football coach. AIG is right in claiming that he only taught the biology class in question as a substitute teacher, but not when they claim he wasn't a science teacher.

They are right when they claim he didn't teach the evolution section in class. However, he assigned the evolution sections from the state-approved textbook as mandatory reading by students. Was this illegal? Given that he was convicted, apparently so.

The above comes from a synopsis of the case from a law school's website. Forgive me for believing them rather than AIG.

According to AnswersInGenesis, even their promo pieces are factually incorrect: http://www.answersingenesis.org/docs2006/0411slant.asp It claims that the law was against teaching evolution (it was not -- only the evolution _of man_). It claims that Scopes was a science teacher (he was not). johnnyb

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