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Should you go to U and end up in debt?


If the university makes even the discussion of something so fundamental as design in the universe difficult? Is it really true that your survival depends on conformity to their system? Why? Isn’t it burnt toast already?

Like it does here at a tax-funded U.

Think. Why go into debt? We are not saying u shouldn’t go to U in principle, we are saying think carefully about what you are paying for what you are getting. Especially in the light of diminishing civil liberties at universities

Here are some other signs you should pay attention to, when deciding how to react: Is the student loan bubble bursting? ?
Interesting signs out there.

Two-fifths of grads are underemployed, but you don’t need to be one of them

Automatic IQ test for higher ed? Yes, it is coming.

Should you aim for a PhD? Don’t be so sure. Not if the only thing you need more of in life is letters after your name instead of in the middle.

Sunset careers vs. sunrise opportunities Will your career still be there when you are thirty-five? That’s not SO old, is it?

CAN you just get a fast food job? Don’t be so darn sure.

Truly bizarRe moments from education: Because we can’t automate good judgment

Is empathy always a good thing?
Let’s be analytical about it …

“One of the worst types of bosses you may have the misfortune to encounter is the one who empathizes with employees with personal problems at the expense of supporting those who are doing their best to make a difficult situation work.”

Anyway, why do you have to pay to be a serf? Didn’t it used to be that you had to be sold?

I am thinking that it will come to a time for a secession from the bankrupt, ideologically compromised and captivated systems, if they will not be reformed. Time to go form our own systems. In favour: the rise of web and tablet technologies, with digital libraries, offers alternatives to build cyber campuses. And if there is enough of a public that will stand up and be counted, maybe the tax funded or endowed systems can be reformed by a critical mass of stakeholders who insist on driving out the rot. But I doubt that such will happen, on the problem of the Acts 27 test. Rule of thumb: most will only wake up when a near fatal storm ACTUALLY hits. KFkairosfocus
May 26, 2013
05:23 PM

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