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Darwinism: Learn nonsense under tyranny and pay for the rest of your life?


Here, kairosfocus responds to the question, “So why are you going into debt for higher education?” It is an interesting question in relation to how the system is stacked to create debt for learning nonsense in an atmosphere of tyranny, and then paying for the rest of your life.

Here is a link to a few sections of Unlearning Liberty, by Greg Lukianoff (of Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)), to get you started understanding how things have changed since the days you went to school to learn how to think. Today, you could get disciplined for refusing to stomp on Jesus, for example. Or complaining about campus parking policies.

Today, it isn’t what you did, it is what someone chooses to make of it because remember, as any good Darwinist will tell you, the mind is an accidentally evolved illusion. Your brain is shaped for fitness, not for truth, so tyranny is fully justified.

More examples here.

It will be you, if you ever get fed up enough. Otherwise, you must front the garbage, in the hope of making someone else pay.

OT: From Discovering Intelligent Design: My How You've Changed - May 26, 2013 Excerpt: Holometabolism (complete metamorphosis) is the most common and complicated form of insect maturation. The diverse group that undergoes this type of process includes butterflies, moths, beetles, fleas, bees, ants, and many kinds of flies.,,, It is exceedingly difficult to understand the origin of holometabolism in Darwinian evolutionary terms. Neither the larval nor the pupal stage is capable of reproduction -- only the adult is. In particular, the pupal stage is an all-or nothing proposition. It must complete the process and become an adult, or it will die without ever reproducing. The liquefied organism must be completely rebuilt. For this to occur, large amounts of information -- encoding the larval body plan, the mechanisms of transformation during metamorphosis, and the adult body plan -- must exist before the larva enters this stage. An organism could not survive complete metamorphosis unless the entire process was fully programmed from the beginning. Such a large jump in complexity requires forethought and planning -- things that don't exist in Darwinian evolution. As one evolutionary entomologist acknowledges: "... the biggest head-scratcher in evolutionary biology would have to be the origin of the holometabolous insect larva." http://www.evolutionnews.org/2013/05/from_discoverin_3072521.html As far as the fossil record can tell us, insects with the ability to undergo 'complete metamorphosis' appeared abruptly with the signature complex larval stage indicative of 'complete metamorphosis' already present from the very beginning of their existence on earth: Humble bug plugs gap in fossil record - August 2012 Excerpt: One day 370 million years ago, a tiny larva came to a sticky end when it plunged into a shrimp-infested swamp and drowned.,, Named Strudiella devonica, the eight-millimetre invertebrate - while in far from mint condition - is thought,, to be the world's oldest complete insect fossil. http://www.news24.com/SciTech/News/Humble-bug-plugs-gap-in-fossil-record-20120801 The following video gives a nice illustration of the enormous challenge involved for neo-Darwinism to ever offer a feasible explanation for metamorphosis (much less to ever give an actual demonstration). The Miracle of Development Part 1 - Origins with Dr. Paul A. Nelson - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=JD9qMvz6T90#t=741s Moreover, if that was not bad enough for neo-Darwinism, many of the different phyla found in the Cambrian Explosion are found to be metamorphic: The Enigma of Metamorphosis Is Hardly Limited to Butterflies - October 2011 Excerpt: Even more mysteriously, it appears that the most ancient phyla were metamorphic from the beginning, based on the few larval forms that have been preserved. This suggests that these Cambrian animals had not one but two or more developmental stages at the outset,,,, http://www.evolutionnews.org/2011/10/the_enigma_of_metamorphosis_is051541.html Metamorphosis Is Widespread - Ann Gauger - video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkD-jd1imaI It is simply not feasible for Darwinism to ever explain metamorphosis: A Mathematician Explains the Irreducible Complexity of Metamorphosis - November 2011 Excerpt: Now we are not talking about climbing Mount Improbable, we are talking about building a bridge across an enormous chasm, between caterpillar and butterfly. ,, Until construction of this extremely long and complicated bridge is almost complete, it is a bridge to nowhere. Unless a butterfly (or another organism capable of reproduction) comes out at the end, the chrysalis only serves as a casket for the caterpillar, which cannot reproduce. Now we do not have to simply imagine uses for not-quite-watertight vacuum chamber traps, we have to imagine a selective advantage for committing suicide before you are able to reproduce, and that is a more difficult challenge! http://www.evolutionnews.org/2011/11/the_irreducible_complexity_of052461.html bornagain77

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