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Why proposed improvements to failing schools don’t really work, Part III: Stay in school!!!

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Here. (The Best Schools, February 8, 2012)

The hottest new idea in education was, statewide, students should be prevented from leaving school before they turn 18.

Well those were the first tweets on the Stay in School Act.

In Fishtown, it made perfect statistical sense. All the numbers show that a high school graduate is far more likely to work and less likely to be on welfare, let alone in jail.

But are there things the numbers can’t tell us? More.

And there are those who can't comment on UD without breaking out a calculator! (But I'm not sayin' who.) Brent
Staying in school is good; paying attention in school is even better. There are high school (and even college) grads who can't read or write properly and who can't do basic math in order to balance their bank accounts. Barb

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