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Machines That Can Deny Their Maker

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Machines That Can Deny Their Maker. This paradox is explained considering two planes: reality plane and illusion plane. On the reality plane we were made by God. On the illusion plane we can deny God. That difference is analog to that between language and meta-language that is done in mathematical logic. Do you want another similar paradox? Ok. I say: “I am not writing now” ... niwrad
Shhhhh....ID supporters aren't supposed to be at MIT! anteater
Smart AND cute. Yowzah! http://web.media.mit.edu/~picard/ DaveScot
Very thought provoking. Probably far over the heads of those with subpar IQs though. http://uncommondissent.blogspot.com/2005/11/machines-that-can-deny-their-maker.html Yup. Definitely over their heads... DaveScot
Hello there Mr Dembski. Just wanted a quick question if you don't mind having the time to answer: What books would you recommend, of all ID books out there, for a beginner to start off with? I'm a little undecided about it and was thinking of going with Denton's Evolution: A Theory in Crisis and then Phillip Johnson's Darwin on Trial. However, I know this isn't where the ID controversy is at right now, and was wondering which books would be best to get a little more understanding of the controversy, especially certain objections that are answered. Thanks for reading, and I plan on checking your blog on a daily basis. -Cesar [Go with my books THE DESIGN REVOLUTION and UNCOMMON DISSENT. --WmAD] Not_CHAVEZ

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