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Sabine Hossenfelder on a fusion energy milestone (plus . . .)

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2.5 MJ in, 3.15 MJ out . . . not counting the inefficiency of lasers:

Counting 400 MJ to get the 2.5 MJ from the lasers, that is not yet “there” but it is a step.

Here is another recent attempt, based on firing two plasma “donuts” at each other:

The Helion people explain the challenge involved, here.

Let us watch as we inch towards a fusion world. END

Relatd, Sabine id a German Physicist who frequently comments insightfully on matters of note. Here, she announces a first, actual energy excess from a set up fusion event. Fusion has been the hoped for energy future since the 1960's but taming and handling plasma state matter . . . ionised gases [think, a spark or lightning bolt] . . . has been a major challenge. Fusion generally seems to require star-like temperatures, though there is a trickle of stories still on cold fusion. Energy is the pivotal issue for a breakthrough to the future, and it is appropriate for it to come up in our sci tech newswatch. KF kairosfocus
Relatd: you are correct. It is sort of like, "Major breakthrough toward my goal of high jumping 100 feet: I have finally jumped higher than my own height!" (Not that I could ever actually do that, but I got close back in the day.) Fasteddious
Who is this person? Fusion energy has reached a proof of concept milestone. However, in order to be useful, it must generate power continuously, which it cannot do at present. relatd
Sabine Hossenfelder on a fusion energy milestone (plus . . .) kairosfocus

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