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Remember convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and Harvard’s Evolutionary Dynamics lab?

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The serial sex offender had an office at Harvard and visited dozens of times. It was likely a way Epstein was currying influence with Harvard, the way he did with many science notables. Darwinism was a sure bet. The Washington Post offers a few more details:

Epstein had a key card and passcode to the building housing Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, where an office was set aside for his use, according to the review released Friday. Epstein used the space to meet with professors from Harvard and other institutions and visited the building more than 40 times between 2010 and 2018, typically accompanied by young women serving as his assistants. He furnished it with a rug and photographs, and it was known as “Jeffrey’s office,” according to the report. The program’s website included material promoting Epstein as a science philanthropist in 2014, six years after his 2008 guilty plea for soliciting prostitution of a minor. It was only removed after a group representing sexual assault victims complained.

Susan Svrluga , “Jeffrey Epstein had his own office at Harvard University — after he was convicted as a sex offender” at Washington Post

Note: Harvard went to a great deal of trouble to pore over donation records and reports no donations from Epstein after his conviction. Other institutions have said they intend to repurpose donations to anti-sex trafficking groups.

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Science pros reckon with the fallout from Jeffrey Epstein – and it’s grim To hear them tell it, it’s big. Some scientists continued their association with Epstein after his sex assault rap in 2008 (under social duress, maybe?) … Rogers asks, “How did these geniuses find themselves cozying up to a child rapist?” and provides us with some of the many answers that will filter in.

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