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Behe Responds to Bottaro

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As so often happens in this debate, a valiant defender of “real science” comes along and claims to have decisively refuted ID. The latest great white hope of evolution is Andrea Bottaro, known in some Internet discussions as Charlie D. For Bottaro’s decisive refutation of ID, go here. For Behe’s more than adequate response, go here. Favorite quote from Behe:

Proteins change single mutation by single mutation, amino acid by amino acid, so that’s the level of explanation that is needed. What part of “numerous, successive, slight” is so hard to understand?

Bottaro's subsequent comments on Behe are interesting. The point he makes is that by saying he would only be satisfied by a mutation by mutation account at the amino acid level he has retreated from irreducible complexity. In any logical account we only need to see enough of the connection between one point and the next to go "ah, I see", we don't need to see all the steps, only that they are sufficiently small as to be credible. Behe's thoughtful response to this would be interesting. mark
Humor Negro: Imagine that a mathematician who has devoted his life to math research has shown his best theorem but doesn’t realize that in the mid of the proof he divided by zero. Better, imagine that the mathematician thinks he found a counterexample because the necessary condition has not been satisfied… the only problem is that in his counterexample neither the sufficient conditions were satisfied. Now imagine that a life-long biologist just does not know the difference between common descent and natural selection/ random mutations. Finally do not imagine it, is true. They do not know. Moral: What are they fighting for? In a normal case the answer would be “do you want to know? Then ask them”… the only problem is that THEY DO NOT KNOW… like the Colombian guerrillas. Daniel512

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